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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Britax Car Seat Recall

Parents please pay attention! The company Britax has issued a recall of 60,000 convertible car seats due to a choking hazard. “The car seats under the voluntary recall are Britax Boulevard 70-G3, Pavilion 70-G3, and Advocate 70-G3 convertible car seats in the USA .The company reports that the chest pads on the seats pose a choking hazard, as children can bite them and small pieces can come loose.” The products were manufactured between June and August of 2012 and have a tag on the child’s upper left hand side with manufacture date and model numbers on it. Recall model numbers include: USA: E9LJ91A, E9LJ91M, E9LJ91S, E9LJ92E, E9LJ93P, E9LJ93S, E9LK91A, E9LK31A, E9LK31Q, E9LK32D, E9LK32Z, E9LK33Q, E9LL11A, E9LL11Q, E9LL12D, E9LL12Z, E9LG81A, E9LG83N, E9LG83P, E9LG83X, E9LG83Y, E9LL21A, E9LL23P, E9LL23Y “Britax is offering free replacement chest pads made of a firmer material that will not tear off.”

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