Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Defective Fosamax Lead to Femur Fracture

A defective product lawsuit has been filed against Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. and Merck & Co., alleging that Fosamax caused a femur fracture in one woman. According to the complaint, the Plaintiff experienced a right subtrochanteric femur fracture in June 2010 after taking Fosamax consistently as prescribed for years. The lawsuit says that the fracture is a direct result of long-term treatment with the drug. In addition to having her thighbone broken, the suit alleges that the Plaintiff has suffered a number of serious consequences from taking Fosamax, including severe mental and physical pain and suffering, permanent injuries, emotional distress, economic loss due to medical expenses and living related expenses due to a new lifestyle. If the Defendants would have properly disclosed the risks related to using the drug over an extended period of time, the Plaintiff would not have taken Fosamax and endured the subsequent complications. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated the label on Fosamax and other bisphosphonate drugs, such as Actonel and Boniva, in October 2010. A study published in May compared patients with different types of femur fractures, and found that 82 percent of patients with atypical femur fractures had taken bisphosphonates.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peg Perego Stroller Recall

Hundreds of thousands of Peg Perego strollers have been recalled for the reason of possible strangulation. One death has already been reported. “A six-month-old boy from Tarzana, Calif. died of strangulation in a stroller in 2004, while a seven-month-old girl from New York was nearly strangled in 2006, according to Peg Perego USA Inc.” The company said entrapment and strangulation can take place, particularly among those younger than a year old, when the child is not harnessed into the stroller. If unharnessed, children can pass through the opening between the tray and the seat bottom and the child's neck and head can become trapped by the tray. Peg Perego is recalling approximately 223,000 strollers, which include Venezia and Pliko-P3 strollers in various colors, made between January 2004 and September 2007. Only strollers with a child tray and one cup holder are part of the recall. Strollers with a bumper bar in front of the child or a tray with two cup holders are not included in this recall.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Eight Lawsuits in Medical Malpractice

Darla Morris and Beth Mullens are two of eight patients with active medical-malpractice lawsuits against podiatrist, Dr. Leonard Janis. Four of the patients had complications from ankle surgeries that led to amputations. Darla Morris broke her left ankle while working as a nursing assistant in 2005, and over the next five years she underwent four surgeries to correct the problem. All of the surgeries failed, leading to the amputation of her leg below the knee in 2011. Beth Mullens had surgery in 2007 for what she had thought were heel spurs. Eight failed surgeries later, she underwent a below-the-knee- amputation of her left leg in 2010. “Five of the lawsuits also name Grant Medical Center or its parent company, OhioHealth, where Janis performed surgery for nearly 26 years until he resigned his privileges in February. Janis also resigned his privileges at Doctors Hospital, an OhioHealth facility with which he had been affiliated since 1979.” Mark Hopkins, a spokesman for the hospitals, would not comment on why Janis resigned but said, “ OhioHealth has rigorous standards in place for credentialing of physicians at all our facilities. We are confident that we have done nothing wrong as it pertains to these lawsuits and plan to defend our process against these allegations.”