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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family Settles Wrongful Death Case for Teenaged Girl

A wrongful death lawsuit, which was claiming damages of $11 million, against the federal government in the case of Ashley Smith has been settled. Ashley Smith was a mentally ill teenager who died on the floor of her prison cell after she was found with a strip of cloth around her neck. “This lawsuit was brought by the family to hold Correctional Services accountable for all of the inhumane and appalling conditions Ashley Smith was kept in,” attorney Mr. Falconer said. “This lawsuit was very much about a conspiracy of senior correctional management to leave a young, mentally ill teen in isolation without help and ultimately without the most basic of human needs.” A report for the Correctional Services Canada concluded that Ms. Smith had been desperately seeking attention and sensory stimulation after being systematically moved from isolation cells. Her use of ligatures, the report found, was designed to draw staff into her cell to rescue her.

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