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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Woman Mauled by Bulldog

Karen Stewart of Lagrange, Maine had to be airlifted to Eastern Maine Medical Center after she was mauled and dragged by a neighbor’s bulldog. Police characterized her injuries as “life-threatening.” Stewart was out for a walk on a dirt road that serves as a driveway connecting three different residences, the dog apparently attacked for some unknown reason and police won’t be able to find at anytime soon since she is still unable to talk. “The dog’s owner has been charged with keeping a dangerous dog, but it’s safe to say there may be more charges once the investigation is finished,” said Main State Trooper Barry Meserve. “In a normal dog bite case, we wouldn’t be involved, but this is a life-threatening case. We get the occasional dog bite call, but nothing like this.” “She was dragged some ways, and evidently was able to crawl back to the residence she was staying at and yell for help and they tried to give her as much aid as they could,” Meserve said.

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