Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nursing Home Hit With $42.75 million Lawsuit

Harborside Healthcare nursing, now known as Hillside Villa Care and Rehabilitation Center, has been served with a $42.75 million verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit filed over the gross negligence of the staff. The lawsuit was filed by Pearline Offutt, whose husband, James Offutt, died of dehydration and suffered from bedsores, malnutrition and infections. Pearline Offutt had successfully taken care of her 92 year old husband for eight months after he suffered a stroke but just nine days after being placed in the nursing home Offutt was transferred to a hospital and died. Last Tuesday, a Hopkins County Circuit Court jury found that negligence on behalf of the nursing home staff led to Offutt’s death. They awarded Pearline Offutt, his wife of 58 years, $1 million for negligence resulting in death, $1.75 million for loss of consortium, and then issued a punitive damage award of $40 million against the nursing home for the gross negligence of their actions.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Medical Malpractice Suit After Routine Surgery

Stacey Galette, 30, is suing a Long Island hospital for medical malpractice when she suffered a double leg amputation after a routine gynecological operation. Galette lost both of her legs below the knee after a gangrenous infection set in as a result of an alleged accident, when Galette’s intestine was allegedly punctured during a routine gynecological operation at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, N.Y., in October 2009. “The suit is claiming medical malpractice, as the puncture lead to infection and blood poisoning, while Galette was in a coma for three weeks.” She woke up with her legs amputated. Galette now uses prosthetic legs to get around and has also moved from Long Island to live with her godmother, who helps her take care of her 10-year-old daughter.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Woman Mauled by Bulldog

Karen Stewart of Lagrange, Maine had to be airlifted to Eastern Maine Medical Center after she was mauled and dragged by a neighbor’s bulldog. Police characterized her injuries as “life-threatening.” Stewart was out for a walk on a dirt road that serves as a driveway connecting three different residences, the dog apparently attacked for some unknown reason and police won’t be able to find at anytime soon since she is still unable to talk. “The dog’s owner has been charged with keeping a dangerous dog, but it’s safe to say there may be more charges once the investigation is finished,” said Main State Trooper Barry Meserve. “In a normal dog bite case, we wouldn’t be involved, but this is a life-threatening case. We get the occasional dog bite call, but nothing like this.” “She was dragged some ways, and evidently was able to crawl back to the residence she was staying at and yell for help and they tried to give her as much aid as they could,” Meserve said.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Young Mans Life Taken in Tragic Auto Accident

22 year old, Jordan Gautreau was in the process of putting up signs in front of a Baton Rouge church, Healing Place Church, when he was run over by an SUV in the front entrance parking lot. Many of the church members are having a hard time dealing with the death of this young mans life. Troopers said the wreck happened when a Toyota Highlander was side-swiped by a BMW turning left on Highland Road headed to Healing Place Church around 7 a.m. They said the SUV veered off the road and hit Gautreau. State Trooper Russell Graham said the driver of that BMV, Peter Moore, 22, was charged with failure to yield. "It just really goes to show how important it is that we pay very close attention to what we're doing while we're driving," Graham said.