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Thursday, September 2, 2010

$12 Million Settlement for Peanut Butter Contamination

A settlement of $12 million has been approved by a federal judge to be distributed among victims of the peanut butter salmonella contamination that started nearly two years ago. The settlement would address personal injury claims brought by about 120 people, including nine wrongful death lawsuits.
The lawsuits were filed against Peanut Corp. of America, based in Lynchburg, which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a result of the nationwide food poisoning outbreak. The amount of money each plaintiff will receive from the settlement varies greatly, from $2 million to under $50,000. Most will get less than $100,000. The 2008-2009 food poisoning was linked to illnesses in more than 700 people. The contamination was traced back to unsanitary plant conditions, and it has been alleged that PCA was aware of the problem but distributed the tainted products anyway.

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