Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Man Dies Due to Infection from Dog Bite

Kenneth Bock’s family is suing dog owner, Konrad Haskins, after Kenneth died due to a bacterial infection from a dog bite. Attorney Chris Davis said, “Bock, who was an employee at Chain Lake Mini-Storage, had gone out to talk to Konrad Haskins who was sitting in his car with his dog, after the dog had, reportedly, bit another customer at the storage facility.” Davis says that Haskins had brought his dog to the storage facility, where he rents a unit, and was letting the dog wander the property independently. When another customer came into the office to complain that they had been bitten by Haskin's dog, Haskins took his dog and sat in his truck.
According to Davis, Bock approached Haskins and his dog in the vehicle. Davis said Bock approached Haskins on the drivers' side of the car. When he went to speak to Haskins, the dog that was sitting on his lap reached outside the car and bit Bock. Bock treated the wound as a minor injury, cleaned it, wrapped it, and made plans to go to the doctor the next day. But Davis says that by the time Bock got to the doctor, his left leg was already numb due to a blood clot. Bock died seven days later from a bacterial infection that he received from the dog bite, despite doctors identifying what was making Bock sick as early as the day after the dog bite. According to common law on dog ownership, dog owners are responsible from keep their animal away from humans if it shows signs of aggressive behavior, and can be handled by confining the animal to a place away from humans, or putting them down. Owners are also liable for dog bites when they occur on public property or the dog owner's property, if the person has been invited onto the property.
Haskins put the dog to sleep two days before Bock died.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boy Killed in ATV Accident

Monday afternoon a ten-year old boy drove his all terrain vehicle onto a road in front of a pickup truck he apparently didn’t see. CHP officer Bryan Savage said, “the driver of the truck never saw the young man until the impact. He said truly all he saw was his helmet when he was right in front of his vehicle." The 10-year-old boy was killed instantly. A passenger in the pickup was injured when it swerved into a power pole knocking down lines for half a mile in each direction. The boy had been riding along a canal bank just ahead of his brother when he entered the roadway. Neighbor Penny Collins said it's a popular place for AVT and motorcycle riders. "They cross this main highway to come out and ride their motorcycles and they usually don't stop"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

$12 Million Settlement for Peanut Butter Contamination

A settlement of $12 million has been approved by a federal judge to be distributed among victims of the peanut butter salmonella contamination that started nearly two years ago. The settlement would address personal injury claims brought by about 120 people, including nine wrongful death lawsuits.
The lawsuits were filed against Peanut Corp. of America, based in Lynchburg, which has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a result of the nationwide food poisoning outbreak. The amount of money each plaintiff will receive from the settlement varies greatly, from $2 million to under $50,000. Most will get less than $100,000. The 2008-2009 food poisoning was linked to illnesses in more than 700 people. The contamination was traced back to unsanitary plant conditions, and it has been alleged that PCA was aware of the problem but distributed the tainted products anyway.