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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Medical Malpractice Suit Goes to Trial

In 2003 Maria Storm and her husband, Douglas Storm, sued Dr. Patrick Zimmerman claiming, “he failed to properly diagnose Maria’s skin cancer when he removed a lesion from her back in 1999.” In 2005 Maria Storm died of cancer. Wednesday morning testimony got under way in the second trial of Maria’s medical malpractice suit over the diagnosis of her skin cancer. The case was originally tried in January 2007, with the jury returning a verdict for Zimmerman. However, the plaintiff successfully appealed to have the verdict thrown out after one of the case's original jurors lied about his role in two pending Madison County lawsuits during voir dire. In opening statements, plantiff’s attorney Rex Carr, stressed the testimony of several other doctors that would prove Zimmerman, a Collinsville family practice doctor, failed to meet the standard of care when he treated Maria Storm more than 10 years ago. "She was told not to worry about it and she didn't," Carr said.

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