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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cedars-Sinai Radiation Overdose Lawsuit

It has been revealed that 206 people over the last 18 months while undergoing a CT brain perfusion scan have been subjected to a radiation overdose at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

The dose of radiation was eight times what it should have been.

The machine was used for other types of scans but the reset error affected only the potential stroke patients, said Richard Elbaum, a hospital spokesman.

This August, a stroke patient informed the hospital that he had begun losing his hair after a scan. When the hospital reviewed its records, it found -- and contacted -- 206 people who had received the overdoses to inform them of the mistake. Only then, Elbaum said, did the hospital learn that about 40% of them had suffered patchy hair loss. Many also experienced reddening of the skin.

Radiation overexposure can have many long term effects. One concerned victim already has approached the our firm about their rights to a radiation overdose lawsuit. Owen, Patterson & Owen have set up a Cedars-Sinai radiation overdose information page and are offering free, no obligation consultations for anyone involved to discuss their legal options.

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