Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Child Dies in ATV Accident

A fatal accident was reported on Memorial Day when 11-year-old, Samuel Miller, died due to an ATV accident. Samuel Miller was riding on a Polaris Ranger utility vehicle with his 9-year-old cousin, Howard Miller, when Howard lost control. Samuel Miller was pinned beneath the body of the machine after the vehicle overturned. CPR was attempted, but Samuel was declared dead at the scene.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Personal Injury Accident at Del Taco Restaurant

Winnie Young and her son Philip went to a Del Taco in Simi Valley on March 12, 2008.
As they left the eatery, Winnie was in a wheelchair and Philip had begun guiding her down the ramp to the parking lot. "The lack of handrails and a sharp drop off to the parking lot--not visible from Philip's vantage point--prevented Philip from properly negotiating the ramp and she fell out of her wheelchair," said California personal injury attorney Brian Chase.

Winnie experienced a number of critical injuries, including brain injury, as she fell out of her wheelchair and hit her head on the asphalt parking lot. "She suffered a heart attack during the incident and bleeding on the brain that needed surgery, and she lay in a coma for 1 1/2 weeks," noted California wrongful death lawyer John Bisnar. In addition, Winnie suffered broken upper teeth and a punctured lip. Winnie was already aging and in a wheelchair. She never fully recovered from the accident and died earlier this year.

In their personal injury and wrongful death suit against the property owner, the general contractor and the city, Winnie's surviving children seek a jury trial and recovery of damages suffered by their mother for the medical, dental, housing, nursing convalescent and hospice care she received as a result of her fall. Plus the costs of funeral and burial expenses and the emotional loss of their mother are a part of the recovery.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Man Awarded $4 Million in Medical Malpractice

Robert T. Baird Jr. had been working as a truck driver since 1981 until he began experiencing extreme pain in his right arm in 1999. He went to see Dr. Kenneth J. Morrissey, who operated to improve his movement and in the process removed a benign tumor. Within weeks, Baird’s right hand began hurting, changing color and temperature and sweating. Dr. Manuel DaSilva diagnosed him as having Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, a chronic neurological disorder that causes severe pain. Dr. DaSilva, operated and discovered that another nerve had been sliced. Baird’s hand since has seized into a claw and he remains in continuous pain.

Baird filed medical malpractice suit against Dr. Morrissey in 2002. A six-member jury agreed with Baird May 7, following a three-week trial before Judge Alice B. Gibney in Providence County Superior Court. The jury awarded Baird $1.5 million for physical pain, $1.5 million for mental suffering, $500,000 for disfigurement and $500,000 for lost wages, according to David Morowitz, Baird’s lawyer.