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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wrongful Death Suit Filed Over Electrician's Death

Representatives of a man who died after falling 23 feet off a ladder onto a concrete floor are filing suit against the businesses allegedly responsible for the incident. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed last week (18OCT06) by co-administrators of Manuel Luevano Garcia's estate, Ulysses Jean and Erik Ernesto Calvillo against EA Morgantown, Parkcrest Builders and Bailey Electric Company. According to the complaint, Garcia fell 23 feet off a ladder and onto a concrete floor last year (23APR05), causing a severe head injury that resulted in his death the next day. Garcia was working for Bailey Electric, which was retained by Parkcrest for the job. EA Morgantown, they add, contracted Parkcrest was contracted by PA Morgantown. The defendants are also charged with deliberate intent, negligent hiring and retention and premises liability. The complaint says, "EA failed to exercise reasonable due care in its selection, supervision and hiring of its general contractor Parkcrest. EA Morgantown knew or should have known of the unreasonably dangerous condition and did not correct nor warn Garcia of the condition."

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