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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woman Sues County for Child's Death

A woman whose child died while in the care of a Salinas, California foster home last year (05) is filing a wrongful death suit against Monterey County. Meghan Allen's suit accuses county social workers of unlawfully taking her son and three other of her children from her home last year following a phone call she made to the police that a family member had molested one of her daughters. Her son died from injuries sustained at the foster home. According to the police, the child may have hit something that caused a stomach infection and internal bleeding, and county coroners could not determine whether his death was a result of a criminal act or just an accident. Salinas police said they believe the boy accidentally collided with something that caused internal bleeding and a stomach infection. But the lawsuit states that the child was probably struck repeatedly, judging by his bruises and the serious damage to his skull and internal organs. County Counsel Charles McKee says the boy's death was "a tragic and deeply felt loss for all who knew him. The compassion of those people who are working in the system should not be lost in the fervor to find a scapegoat."

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