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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Trailer Crash Closes Highway for 14 Hours

Traffic was delayed for 14 hours on Thursday after a tractor-trailer overturned on Interstate 75 in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky (16NOV06). Crews were busy clearing up the mess for over 14 hours after the truck lost control on the wet road and flipped over, causing its contents to be scattered across the highway. Fort Mitchell Police Officer Ron Johnson says, "We had to have the state Highway Department in, CSI brought dumpsters and we had to get a Bobcat out there." According to Johnson, truck driver Chris Liggon, 39, was going over the 55 mph speed limit on wet pavement. Johnson says, "The trailer started sliding to the left, hit the wall and flipped on the side. The weight (of the car parts) took the top off the trailer and everything spilled out onto the interstate."

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