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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Three Die on Motorcycles in Three Counties

In three different counties in Oklahoma, on three consecutive days, there were three fatal motorcycle accidents involving riders sans crash helmets. "OHP trooper Mark Basinger stated, despite working a number of accidents, three deadly motorcycle accidents are out of the ordinary." The decedents are: Jackie Sams, 69. He died from head injuries on Monday when he was involved in an auto versus motorcycle incident in Ardmore; then on Tuesday in the county of Tishomingo, 24-year-old Brett Hughes ran off the side of the road ending his life; and on Wednesday in Love County 57-year-old John Holland died when he was thrown from his bike as he drove off the side of the road. As OHP trooper Mark Basinger put it "Our bodies, heads and the entire body for that matter can only withstand so much trauma and there's nothing on or about a motorcycle that is protective of the occupant." Additional Information Pertaining to Motorcycle Accidents

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