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Thursday, January 29, 2009

SUV Rollovers

A rollover happens when a vehicle tumbles over from its usual upright position. Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) rollover more frequently than other types of vehicles and account for 51% of all automobile accident deaths. Pickup trucks rollover frequently, accounting for 36% of deaths; while the standard car accounts for only 19% of automobile related deaths. The higher than normal center of gravity and sometimes narrow wheelbase found frequently in designs for SUVs, pickup trucks an 15-passenger vans increase their propensity to rollover. Certain actions in these vehicles, such as quick swerves, erratic movements, taking turns at too great of a speed, tire blowouts, certain road conditions and some collisions increase the likelihood of a rollover. Most rollovers do not involve a second vehicle but do involve equipment failure. Types of injuries and their severity suffered by occupants in a rollover accident depend on the use of restraints and the number of rolls the vehicle incurs. Without appropriate restraints, occupants frequently are ejected from the vehicle to suffer yet another impact. If you believe the design of you vehicle may have either caused an accident in which you sustained injury or may have added to the injuries you sustained, contact an Owen, Patterson & Owen attorney to ensure your legal rights are fully represented and protected.
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