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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Seatbelt Debate After Injuries in Bus Crash

After the recent bus crash, involving a college baseball team, a debate heats up that motorcoaches should be equipped with lap/shoulder belts. "These buses without lap and shoulder belts do not provide adequate occupant protection, particularly in accidents involving lateral collision or rollover," says personal injury attorney Anita Porte Robb. Ms. Robb, a leading Missouri bush crash lawyer and truck accident attorney is handling cases arising out of the catastrophic Liberty, Missouri school bush accident which occurred in May of 2005, killing two and injuring many, including two students who suffered serious brain and spinal cord injury. Lawsuits filed in that case alleged that the failure of the bus to have seatbelts contributed to the severity of the children's injuries, which occurred when they were ejected from their seats and projected violently within the bus during impact. Various organizations have endorsed lap and shoulder belts on buses.

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