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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Resolving Police Misconduct

When it comes to police misconduct, Denver’s Office of Independent Monitor has steered toward mediation, making it one of the most active police mediation programs in the nation. Â According to Richard Rosenthal, Denver's independent monitor"This is the only kind of formal way to bring community members and officers together to talk about their problems." "For every citizen that mediates and is no longer angry with the department, that's another supporter in the community to help the department accomplish what it wants to accomplish." Â Mediation was key in the case of Criss Duran who was shocked when a police officer handcuffed her and put her in the back of his squad car. She had been detained for allegedly stealing a car, when, in fact, the vehicle belonged her. Ms. Duran said it meant a lot for her to extract an apology from the offending officer and get a chance to hear his side of the story. Â In the past year, the city has brought officers and their accusers together in all types of settings including, library rooms, community centers and city offices in order to hash out complaints under the guidance of professional mediators.

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