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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reducing Automobile Accidents

According to the 2006 Arkansas fatality summary report (A.S.P), Arkansas had as many as 571 accidents. As a result of those auto accidents, 639 people died. Unbelievably, 397 of those people were not wearing safety belts. A point well made was to always remember that posted speed signs are for ideal conditions. If the conditions are less than ideal, for safety sake, you must reduce your speed. The same can be said for conditions such as low visibility. Additionally, always stay at or below the warning speeds around curves. It will probably come as no surprise that polls show that the leading cause of death for those age 15 to 20 years of age is automobile accidents. There are 630,000 senior citizens age 55 and over in Arkansas. However, only about 13,500, (2.2 percent) have taken any type of driver safety class. Accordingly, the state of Arkansas have offered a four hour power point presentation on Driver Safety conducted by Southwest Safe Driving, Inc. Upon completion, those 55 and over would receive a certificate which will entitle them to a discount on insurance for 3 years. Sounds like a win win situation. Although, what about drivers other than those age 55 and over. Couldn’t they benefit from the auto safety class and reward too? Â

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