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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Racial Discrimination Against Sony BMG

A racial discrimination lawsuit is expected to be filed against Sony BMG Music by former BMG marketing rep Tamieka Blair, alleging her wrongful termination upon the merging of Sony and BMG in 2004. Blair has been found to be “a victim of race discrimination” by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s last fall when an investigation by the EEOC revealed that 42 percent of African American employees of the sales enterprise unit were involuntarily terminated after the merger. The EEOC’s investigation concluded that Sony BMG “failed to provide a verifiable explanation for the overwhelmingly negative impact on black BMG employees, that is, that 42 percent of blacks and no whites were involuntarily terminated.”

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  1. Sony also discriminates based on disability I have proof and I am suing them as well!