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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Police Face Wrongful Death Suit for Suicidal Driver Death

City police in Bucyrus, Ohio are facing a $1 million-plus wrongful death lawsuit for the death of a man who committed suicide after being arrested for drunk driving. Lance Randall told police officers he was having suicidal thoughts when they arrested him in October 2005 for driving under the influence. Randall allegedly committed suicide approximately one hour after being released. Randall's mother Evelyn Brady picked up her son and dropped him off at his apartment, unaware of his earlier threats to commit suicide. Brady filed the wrongful death suit against the Bucyrus Police Department, the city and three police officers, accusing them of negligence in failing to see that her son's suicidal claims were serious. She is also seeking $25,000 in compensatory damages. Brady's attorney Beth Owens claims the "defendants were negligent, which negligence includes but is not limited to their failure to use reasonable and ordinary care for Lance W. Randall's safety, to keep him safe and protect him from harm. As a direct and proximate result of defendants' negligence, Lance W. Randall came to his death on Oct. 13, 2005." Owens continues with, "She (Brady) was the one to pick up her son. She was never informed that he made any comments of suicide. "This is something she wanted some light shed on. She wants to see if something else can be done to prevent this from happening. We had to do some research on this one. You don't hear about this too often."

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