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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Police Face Lawsuit After Vegas Strip Shooting

The family of a man shot to death in an altercation with police in Las Vegas, Nevada is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers involved. 31-year-old Tarance Hall was killed when officers shot him as he was driving on the Las Vegas strip. Bicycle officers Ryan McBride and Noel Lefebvre are accused of escalating a minor encounter into a fatal confrontation when they shot Hall after chasing him and causing his car to crash into a barricade. According to the coroner's report, Hall had ingested cocaine before his death and also had traces of the hallucinogenic drug PCP in his blood. Attorney Brent Bryson says, "He was allegedly too far out into the intersection -- that happens all the time in Vegas -- and he was allegedly playing some hip-hop music loudly. All of the sudden these minor traffic violations became a death sentence."

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