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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pit Bull Bites 10-Year-Old in Face

A previously harassed Pit Bull bit ten-year-old Tyquavious Clark on Tuesday evening in Macon, Georgia. When asked what had happened, the victim stated "We were walking through, going to the park and then the girl was playing baseball and then she hit the ball over the fence and then the dog came out when she opened the gate... then he jumped on me." It seems the neighborhood kids often harass the dog in question by shaking the fence. This really is an unfortunate, but not uncommon, story. The dog has no prior incidents and only went over to the children after one of them opened the gate to the property he was obviously protecting. In addition, this dog has been regularly harassed by neighborhood children in the past. The dog was taken from the property and placed in a shelter for 10 days to be checked for rabies. The Pit Bull has no history of biting. It would behoove the neighborhood parents to teach their children the dangers of harassing dogs. It is not a recommended form of entertainment for anyone. Another issue that should be covered with children is the dangers of opening the gate of a property. One could be greeted by a defensive dog protecting property. The majority of dog bites happen to children. And the truth is, many dog attacks can be prevented with a little education and understanding.

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