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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pet Food Recall Lawsuit

The massive cat and dog food recall has united pet owners as they search for safe pet foods and for restitution for their sick animals. Though pet owners believe their four-legged friends are more than property, in some states the law does not and it may be tough to win lawsuits. An Associated Press article reports that pet owners are not likely to get much compensation if they individually sue pet food-maker Menu Foods over the death of a dog or cat, although they might fare better if they joined forces in a class action suit, legal experts say. According to the report at least one person is considering a class action lawsuit. "I would love to find an attorney to take on this company," said Brenda Hitchcock of Tampa, Fla. Hitchcock said she racked up $4,000 in veterinarian bills trying to save her 5-year-old cat "S.S." to no avail. Brenda still has two pouches of the recalled food to prove her case.

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