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Friday, September 22, 2006

New Orleans Nursing Home Charged With Negligence

A New Orleans nursing home has been charged with cruelty and negligence, over a year after 35 of its residents died during Hurricane Katrina. Nursing home owners the Manganos have been indicted for the deaths that happened as a result of last year's storm, which caused 1600 people in Louisiana alone to lose their lives and destroyed the city of New Orleans. The Manganos, who were accused by family members of the deceased of failing in their responsibility towards the residents, insist their plan to keep the residents in the house during the hurricane was a responsible decision, as the patients were too frail to be evacuated. The Manganos place the blame for the tragedy firmly upon the city authorities, claiming that had the levees held, the residents would not have died. This case is one of two against the defendants regarding their role in the deaths of the nursing home residents.

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