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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Motorcycle Deaths Rise as People Try to Save

If you are thinking about purchasing a motorcycle to save on gas or travel time, you may want to think again. In Florida, people who have motorcycle accidents are six times more likely to die than automobile drivers. In 2002, 274 people died in motorcycle crashes; by 2006, the number was 521, according to the most recent statistics from the state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Single mom, Debbie Harrigan, who didn’t have much money, wishes she could have bought her son a car. Her 17-year-old son Jon saved $1,300 and got a used motorcycle. For two months, the Ridgewood High senior rode his black and yellow Kawasaki to school and work. It got better gas mileage and didn't require insurance. Jon's ride came to fatal end Nov. 1 when a car collided with his motorcycle on U.S. 19. His death is part of a statewide surge in motorcycle fatalities and injuries, a trend experts say is fueled in part by affordability.

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