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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Major Lawsuit after Medical Device Destroys Mans Heart

Paramjit Singh went into Providence Everett Medical Center for bypass surgery after he had suffered a small heart attack. It wasn’t until six weeks later that Singh opened his eyes from the surgery. Doctors determined Singh needed a new heart. When the operation on Oct. 11, 2004 was over, the surgeon couldn’t get Singh’s heart to resume beating on its own. Doctors learned that a catheter inserted into his heart to monitor blood flow had overheated, reaching temperatures approaching 500 degrees, and then melted. The heat cooked Singh's heart from the inside. The tragedy has left Singh with a shortened life expectancy. He now battles cancer caused by the drugs he must consume. He's at risk for kidney failure and possibly another heart transplant. Singh and Providence have filed suit against the manufacturer of the device that burned his heart, Edwards Lifesciences of Irvine, Calif. What's being decided in Singh’s defective product lawsuit trial is how much money Edwards should pay to Singh and his family, and whether Providence shoulders any of the blame.

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