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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Girl Lost to Rottweiler

18-month-old Taylor Kitlica died from massive head injuries after being mauled by a Rottweiler. The family told officers they found the male Rottweiler roaming the neighborhood Sunday and tied it to a post, hoping the owner would see it and reclaim it. Unfortunately the family was not aware this dog did not socialize with people and its propensity to bite was increased when it was tethered in the child’s yard. The Kitlica’s already own a female Rottweiler and two pit bulls which they have never had problems with so they assumed the Rottweiler they found would be okay. Renee Jones, director of the local Humane Society said, “One thing people need to realize is any time they tether a dog, they increase the chance of it biting someone by four times.”

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