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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hospital Sued Due to Negligence

A suit has been filed against Taylor Regional Hospital by Phyllis A. Cox who says she suffered because of the hospital’s negligence. Cox alleges that TRH failed to follow the standard care for a hospital, which resulted in the amputation of one of her fingers. The hospital responds saying that staff met the standard of care for a hospital and Cox’s injuries were caused by either a pre-existing or developing medical condition. “The law suit alleges that on Feb. 25, 2006, Cox received an IV dose of phenergan in her left hand. Cox alleges that the dose infiltrated the tissues on her hand and caused her third and fourth fingers to swell and discolor. Her third finger was amputated on March 22, 2006.” As a result of the hospital's negligence, Cox's suit states, she suffered permanent and irreparable harm, including severe physical pain and suffering and mental anguish. "The people we've consulted with said you're not supposed to lose a finger over an infiltrated IV," he said. Not surprisingly, this injury is affecting the use of Cox's hand.

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