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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Government Settles $4.6 Million Malpractice Suit

The US government has settled a lawsuit with the parents of a boy who was left blind, deaf and a quadriplegic after negligent care by federal workers at a hospital. The $4.6 million agreement was reached on Monday (23OCT06). According to the lawsuit, Omar Castaneda Cortez suffered a brain stem herniation (26DEC04) and went into cardiopulmonary arrest, which resulted in neurological damage. His parents, Alejandro Castaneda and Alda Cortez, accuse the doctor and other medical personnel at Central City Community Health Center in Salt Lake City of failing to recognize that Omar's then-increasing head size was a sign that he was suffering from untreated obstructive hydrocephalus. Despite the settlement, the U.S. government does not admit wrongdoing in Omar's injuries - both sides say they agreed to make the settlement to avoid further expense and litigation.

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