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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Malpractice Suit Settled

A lawsuit where a woman contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while having a varicose vein removed has been settled for $100,000.00 Dorothy Hartman sued Norman Cohen, of the Vein Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, after a visit to his practice in 2004 left her disfigured for life. Hartman was in a coma for a month as a result of the flesh-eating bacteria, and spent seven months undergoing numerous surgeries and skin grafts in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Hartman accused Cohen of medical malpractice for allegedly performing surgery on her with instruments that were not sterile. Cohen, however, vehemently denies any allegation of malpractice and insists he has done "absolutely nothing wrong". Cohen, who sold his practice and moved from Jacksonville to Edgewater, also denies that any settlement was reached. But Hartman's attorney Sean Cronin states that Cohen settled for $100,000.00, which is the maximum amount covered by his medical malpractice insurance. This is not the first time Cohen has faced allegations of medical malpractice - last year he was accused of using illegally-gained botox on his patients. The Vein Clinic is still open, but under new management. Cohen claims to be in-between jobs rather than retired. Hartman, whose medical bills run up to $400,000.00, states she brought the lawsuit again Cohen to prevent him from causing further harm to members of the public.

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