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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

D.U.M.B. driving simulator comes to N.B.

It is alarming how complacent many drivers become while driving, whether seasoned or newly licenced. Perhaps the seasoned drivers falsely believe with all the "hands on" experience they have, they have it in the bag, so to speak. Whereas, the newly-licenced drivers seem to underestimate the need for focusing, and the speed at which things can go very wrong. Most recently, I read the new rules in California regarding the use of hand-held cellular phones while driving. As of June 1, a California driver cannot speak on a hand-held phone. However, there is no specific law against dialing a number and/or texting while driving!!! Of course, one can always be cited for unsafe driving for dialing, texting or doing a multitude of other things while driving. Since it is known that due to distracted driving, the potential for an accident rises dramatically. As a result, the Canadian provincial government, the RCMP along with the Insurance Bureau of Canada is taking what is known as its D.U.M.B. car (Distractions Undermining Motorist Behavior) simulator on the road. While in the simulator, one attempts to maintain control while doing various things including eating, drinking and using a cell phone. The simulator tests your reactions to distractions. As Justice Minister T.J. Bourque put it "Driver distraction is a significant factor in automobile accidents. With our busy lives and the increased use of MP3 players, PDAs, GPS systems, radios and CD players, distracted drivers are dangerous drivers." All those who take the test will have their results posted on website at www.besmartsafe.ca Additional Information Pertaining to Automobile Accidents

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