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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dog Attacks Owner

In West Palm Beach, a 46 year-old woman lay in bed at Saint Mary’s Medical Center with almost her entire face ripped off by the dog she and her husband rescued just one month ago. The woman underwent and eight hour surgery, and she will have 3 to 4 more surgeries in an attempt to repair the damage. The woman was by the pool at her home when the dog attack occured. She reached down to pet their adopted chow-shepherd mix, Roscoe, when the dog attacked her. According to her husband, the only thing holding on the skin on his wife’s face was her chin. “He’s a beautiful dog,” Sharbuno, the victim’s husband, said. “He’s very deceiving.” Roscoe is now at the humane society where he wagged his tail and took shelter manager David Robertson’s commands to sit and shake hands. The frightening thing is that Roscoe had been given a temperament test prior to being adopted. Roscoe passed the test that was given when an employee gave him a bowl of food and then tried to take it away without incident. Â

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