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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dog Attacks 85 Year Old Woman

When an 85-year-old woman stepped outside a food store where she had been shopping, she spotted a dog that was tied up. With the best of intentions, she bent down to pet the restrained dog. I’m sure, the last thing she expected was to be a victim of a dog attack. Had she expected what actually happened, there is no doubt she would have let sleeping dog lie, as the saying goes. As she bent down to pet the dog, the animal lunged at her face. Perhaps he was just defending himself, perhaps he was vicious, which is why you never touch a strange dog unless you are quite sure it is safe to do so. The elderly lady had to be treaded for minor injuries at North Shore Hospital. She was the lucky one since this attack came just a couple of days after Virginia Ohlson died when she was attacked by two dogs. After the attack, the prime minister stated “ I have asked officials to see where there are other, more useful courses we could explore, whether the law could be pushed further in the interests of public safety.”

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