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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doctor Loses $1.1M Malpractice Lawsuit

A $1,160,000 judgment has been made in a U.S. District Court against a Brattleboro doctor in a medical malpractice case. Dr. John R. Bookwalter, a Brattleboro surgeon, was found to be negligent in the treatment of Charles Olanyk, 56, of Whatley, Mass., in 2001. In 1987, Olanyk was treated by Dr. John T. Chard for what he thought was a broken toe after his lawn mower rolled over it. It was discovered that the toe was burned and not broken, so Olanyk was referred to Dr. Bookwalter. In June 2001, Olanyk, who is a diabetic, was referred back to Bookwalter with burns on his foot from a heating pad. Olanyk allegedly saw Bookwalter several times before he collapsed at his home on July 13, 2001 and was sent to the hospital where his left leg was then amputated below the knee. The lawsuit faults Bookwalter for the amputation and after-effects. "Our allegation was that he should have been sent to a burn doctor, instead, a conservative treatment was followed."

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