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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Defective Wheelchair Trial To Open

The family of a man who died when his battery-operated wheelchair caught fire is set to go to trial for a negligence and wrongful death suit at Monterey County Superior Court. 65-year-old stroke victim John Robles Sr. was burned to death on (01APR04) when his wheelchair went up in flames. His daughter Virginia Robles tried to pull her father out of the chair and suffered burns, and is asking for at least $2.4 million in personal injury damages. The trial will determine the cause of Robles death - jury selection will begin today (30OCT06) to decide if his death was caused by the wheelchair or by Robles lighting a cigarette with a paper towel he set alight on the kitchen stove. The wheelchair manufacturer and distributor are being sued for negligence and wrongful death. The owners of the Parkside Street apartment building, where Robles Sr. resided, are also being sued for allegedly failing to place smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in the building.

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