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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Defective Drugs

The most profitable industry in the world is the pharmaceutical industry. For decades, these companies have reaped huge profits. Seizing the opportunity from the aids epidemic, major pharmaceutical companies lobbied for legislation to allow drugs to be "fast tracked." The Prescription Drug User Fee Act has provisions which allow drug companies to speed up the approval of a given drug. It was a surprise to no one when many "fast tracked" drugs had to be withdrawn from the marketplace or have severe warnings attached. Patients using these drugs are being injured by the drugs that are supposed to improve the quality of their lives. The attorneys in our mass torts department specialize in aggressively and compassionately representing clients who have suffered injury from defective drugs. Owen, Patterson & Owen currently represents several thousand plaintiffs who have been injured by the following medications: * * Vioxx * Bextra * Celebrex * Hormone replacement therapy * Crestor Our mass torts attorneys constantly scan the latest news and developments in this fast- paced industry. It seems each day a new pharmaceutical company withdraws its product or is required to place yet another warning on their label.
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