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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

City and Hospital Sued for David Rosenbaum's Death

The family of a New York Times reporter who was killed by muggers (06JAN06) have filed a lawsuit against the city of Washington, D.C and Howard University Hospital, accusing them of negligence. David Rosenbaum, 63, was attacked and killed while taking a walk in his neighborhood. Two men were later convicted of his murder. According to a report by city investigators, emergency workers believed Rosenbaum to be drunk and failed to determine if he was injured. Instead of being taken to the nearest hospital, he was taken to Howard University Hospital where nurses failed to regularly check his vital signs. The lawsuit alleges that Rosenbaum was not evaluated by the hospital's neurological team until nearly four hours after he arrived, and went into the operating room four hours after that. Rosenbaum died the next day. His family is also accusing local police of failing to protect the public, as one of the defendants was already known to have made a similar attack on another person six weeks before the attack on Rosenbaum.

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