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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chain Reaction in Car Accidents

Ever slow down on the freeway to see another accident or something off the side of the road? Well watch yourself, for that can cause a chain of more accidents. A small wild fire caused people to quickly slow down so they could see the action which in turn caused a chain of car accidents. First, Marc Sims lost control of his car when trying to look at the fire, causing him to drive the car off the road and into the center median strip. Reacting to that crash, other drivers slowed down to see what happened. One of the Drivers being Valeria Pope slowed to look when Predrag Pesevic didn’t see her slow down and changed lanes too quickly and lost control of his Camry and hitting Pope’s Caravan. Both vehicles ended up careening into a fence and onto the Columbia Park Golf Course.Â

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