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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catholic Church Abuse Trial Set

The first in a series of sexual abuse lawsuits against the Southern California Roman Catholic Church are scheduled to go to trial in early 2007. The majority of the lawsuits have not been filed against the priests themselves but against the priests' employers - the Diocese of San Diego and a few of its member parishes, who face the serious accusation of allowing known sexual abusers to molest children. The Dioceses of San Diego and San Bernardino will face over 150 individually-filed abuse cases, while the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is facing more than 550 individually-filed cases. Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School Professor and church-abuse case expert Marci Hamilton says, "Nobody expects these hundreds of cases lumped together in San Diego and Los Angeles to all go to trial. No judge would ever permit that - the system simply could not handle it. These initial cases are designed to permit a window into the question of liability and damage amounts, so the rest can be settled."

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