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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BP "Stunt" Angers Judge in Negligence Trial

Oil company British Petroleum (BP) has received a stern warning from a Texan judge over a "stunt" the company pulled right before an upcoming negligence trial. BP is facing a civil suit about a blast at a Texas refinery that killed 15 people last year (MAR05). BP aroused the anger of Judge Susan Criss by sending a flyer to 900 members of the Texas Chamber of Commerce, highlighting how the company has changed its safety standards since the explosions. Because the flyers could influence potential jurors, Judge Criss told BP's attorneys that if any of the 900 businessmen matched the 242 potential jurors, a new pool of jurors would be assembled and BP would be fined. Judge Criss told lawyers, "Your client decided at the last minute to pull a stunt."

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