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Friday, October 13, 2006

Boat Accident Victim Parents File Wrongful Death Suit

A wrongful death lawsuit is set to be filed on Friday 13th October regarding a Columbus Day boating accident that left two people dead. James Noel-Pou, 23, and Monica Burguera, 20, were killed when the boat they were on was rammed by a larger boat. Noel-Pou's parents are planning to sue the boat rental company for wrongful death and negligence, as well as the powerboat operator whose propellers were the cause of death for Noel-Pou and Burguera. Noel-Pou's family are basing their legal action on information that Club Nautico, the Miami Beach Marina company that rented six boats to Noel-Pou and his friends, provided a 16-year-old child as skipper. Personal injury lawyer Stuart Z. Grossman will be filing the suit for unspecified money damages in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. Grossman says, "These boaters paid Club Nautico extra for a skipper and they got a 16-year-old? To send these people out with a teenager and call him a captain is negligent. You can't blame these passengers. They were given a lousy boat, at least, and a non-captain, which they paid for." The operator of the boat which rammed into Noel-Pou's boat is also being named in the suit. Grossman adds, "Here you are on the busiest boating day of the year and you're speeding on the bay? He must have been going pretty fast."

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