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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aviation Accidents

Owen, Patterson & Owen have specialized in handling all aspects of air disaster cases. The following is a brief history of our involvement in these cases: Three Decades of Representing Victims in Worldwide Air Disasters Current Cases (August 2005) Aviation cases being litigated by Owen, Patterson & Owen in Partnership with Servicios Legales de Mesoamerica The following summaries represent a partial list of aviation cases our firm is working on today:
1. Australia 2004: In the summer of 2004, the owner of a large cattle ranch in the Australian outback was severely burned and his pilot died when the Robinson helicopter he owned burst into flames and crashed to the ground. The burn victim is said to have been the most severely burned person to ever survive at the Australian hospital. He spent seven months in the burn center and underwent over thirty surgeries. Litigator Gregory J. Owen, Esq. traveled twenty six hours in a 4-wheel drive vehicle to the accident site. The photos below show Owen and a client inspecting the wreckage of the helicopter in one of theat the most remote regions of the world.Our experts believe that the manufacturer of the helicopter failed to properly tighten the “flex plate.” This caused a severe vibration which, in turn, caused the tail rotor to break and fly toward the pilot’s seat, cutting through the fuel tanks. An explosion resulted, and the helicopter fell to the earth in a ball of flames.Our two law firms represent the rancher, his wife and daughter. As you can imagine, their lives have been devastated. The family has been forced to sell their dream ranch (over 2 million acres) and move closer to town where our client will continue a series of surgeries.
2. Argentina 2005: Two lifelong friends were flying a Cessna 182 on a pleasure flight. The crash occurred after dark. The pilot, who had years of experience, was instrument rated. Our investigation leads us to believe that a new metal part which had been purchased from a parts house in the USA fractured. This part controlled the instruments and autopilot. Without instruments, it was impossible for the pilot to know if he was ascending or descending. The pilot and passenger died upon impact.
3. Argentina 2005: A Cessna 210 with two passengers aboard was sent on an experimental cloud seeding mission. The accident investigation is ongoing. Our firms represent the wives and children of the two occupants.
4. Spain 2005: A Piper turboprop carrying two prominent Spanish businessmen plunged to the earth, killing both men. While the investigation is ongoing, engine failure is suspected. Our firms represent the widows and children of both men.
Country In Deep MourningGreek radio and televison stations were the first to report that a Boeing 737 with six crew members and one hundred fifteen passengers bound for the Czech Republic crashed forty miles north of Athens. The August 14, 2005 accident involved a three year old commercial plane manufactured by Boeing Corporation. Two F-16 fighter planes scrambled to the aid of the “ghost plane.” It appeared that the crew was dead. Forty minutes later, the plane crashed violently into a rural region, causing a brush fire. Servicios Legales de Mesoamerica and Owen, Patterson & Owen lawyers and investigators are currently investigating the accident and potential witnesses. Attorney Greg Owen announced Monday, August 15, 2005, that although not final, “our investigation has led us to conclude preliminarily that the complicated mechanisms which control cabin pressurization malfunctioned.”In a joint statement, Owen, stated further that “it appears to us that this plane had an ongoing problem with the pressurization system which was not corrected. Owen added that “if anyone associated with Helios knew or should have known about this problem, the plane should have been grounded immediately.” Families' Legal Rights The emotional wounds that this crash has caused to the surviving families and friends are fresh and deep. Yet it is natural to want to know how and why this tragedy occurred. What are the rights of children who lost parents? Or wives left without their husbands? Those who suffered the loss of loved ones in this tragedy are welcome to contact an attorney from our firms.
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