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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alabama Man Injured When Trucks Collide

A man was injured yesterday when two 18-wheeler trucks collided in Gallion, Alabama. Robert Lightsey, 60, was driving in extremely foggy conditions when he swerved his truck from what he thought was an oncoming vehicle. The lights Lightsey saw were those of Tina Faucett, 40, who had stopped her truck at a stop sign. Alabama State Trooper John Reese said, “The accident occurred at approximately 4 a.m. in the morning. Robert Lightsey was traveling west bound and Tina Faucett was stopped at the stop sign on 69 at the junction prior to the wreck. “Inclement weather played a role in this incident. He thought the truck was an oncoming vehicle so he swerved to the right in an attempt to avoid it. The sharp turn caused his vehicle to overturn and his cab struck the trailer of Faucett's vehicle.” “Lightsey was injured and had to be carried to the hospital in Demopolis. He received a broken leg and a possible broken arm.” Reese added that Faucett seemed to be uninjured and declined medical assistance.

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