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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Abusive Nanny to Pay Thousands in Restitution

Minerva Rojas, the East Palo Alto nanny convicted of injuring a child through shaking has been ordered to pay $43,277.36 in restitution to the child's parents. 29-year-old was sentenced to four years in prison after being convicted of willfully causing a child to suffer physical pain under circumstances likely to produce great bodily injury (SEP06). Police found two-month old Thomas Cline unconscious and suffering from two skull fractures and retinal and subdural hemorrhaging in March (16MAR06). Rojas initially denied responsibility for the injuries but later admitted in a police interview that she had shaken baby Thomas. San Mateo County Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Freeman ordered Rojas to pay damages to the child's parents, Scott and Michelle Cline (03NOV06).

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